Community Stewards Network

Community Stewards are deeply rooted in community and entrusted with carefully and responsibly generating community-led wealth toward community vision.

Full Spectrum Labs is committed to partnering with Community Stewards in learning and action to build community wealth, economic power, and interdependence.

Ana Urzua, Cooperacion Santa Ana

“Sharing the story of our land trust work and how we do it helped us as a team to reflect on our approach and success, and connected us with other communities we could learn from. Having Spanish interpretation at the meetings has been crucial for our full team to participate.”

Leseliey Welch, Birth Center Equity

“Growing our network of community birth centers across the country it’s been important for us to understand and calculate our network’s aggregate capital needs. Blueprint has been invaluable in our thinking and planning.”

The Community Steward Learning & Action Circles

In Full Spectrum Labs’ Community Steward Learning & Action Circles, community leaders from across the

country share stories and gain information and insights on growing regenerative economies powered by

impactful solutions.

Blueprint: Community Stewards Leading Capital Strategy

Blueprint is a community and investor portal for deep collaboration and full spectrum capital investments.

Build an ecosystem of projects to articulate shared impact and collective resource needs.

Collaboratively fundraise for shared impact while maintaining the autonomy and privacy of each organization’s financial status.

Track current and new investments into projects, organizations, and ecosystems.

Community Stewards Video Gallery

Community Stewards Network Team


Anand Jahi. Founder, Dual Power. Anand focuses on supporting nonprofits, values-driven businesses, and other social justice-oriented groups develop strategies to build and leverage economic power for social good and community empowerment.

Dorcas R. Gilmore. Founding Principal, Gilmore Khandhar, LLC, a solidarities economy law firm. Dorcas has two decades of experience as a racial and economic justice advocate, attorney, and consultant working with nonprofit organizations, community-based organizations, and small businesses.

Felipe Ventura. Founder, Distributed Quorum. Felipe builds community networks and scale platforms that put people in control of their future.

Jhenna El-Sawaf. Project Manager at Gilmore Khandhar, LLC, a solidarities economy law firm. Jhenna is a creative administrative professional and storyteller.

Julie Quiroz. Founder, New Moon Collaborations. Julie is a strategist who centers narrative to grow and strengthen strategies for cultural, economic, and political power.

Parag Rajendra Khandhar. Founding Principal, Gilmore Khandhar, LLC, a solidarities economy law firm. Parag is an experienced Asian Americanist and community lawyer who has worked with tenants, micro-enterprise owners, and community members self-organizing in nonprofit, business, and cooperative structures.

Rachel Burrows. Full Spectrum Labs Co-Founder & Operational Director. Rachel has a gift for nurturing people and teams in right roles and relationships in the sacred work of building tomorrow.

Taj James. Full Spectrum Labs Co-Founder & Curator; Full Spectrum Capital Principal. Taj is a father, poet, strategist, designer, philanthropic and capital advisor.

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