Who We Are

Meet our team.


Taj James

Co-founder & Curator

Taj is a father, poet, strategist, designer, philanthropic and capital advisor. Taj thrives on connecting community stewards and capital stewards to bring financial value into alignment with sacred values in ways that build community wealth. Taj is a Principal with Full Spectrum Capital Partners, as well as Co-founder and a Senior Advisor at Movement Strategy Center.

Sihle Dinani

Co-founder & Advisor

Sihle Dinani is the Chief Financial Officer at Tides Advocacy, a national fiscal sponsor that provides critical infrastructure and expertise for power building electoral and advocacy programs.  With over 20 years of finance and operations experience, Sihle is passionate about supporting highly functioning nonprofit infrastructure. Sihle also serves as Board Treasurer for Urban Tilth and Board Secretary for Movement Strategy Center.


Rachel Burrows

Co-founder & Operational Anchor

Rachel loves the intersection of vision and action and finds great energy and joy in supporting people to explore their right roles and relationships in the sacred work of building a new tomorrow. Rachel brings decades of experience from her work with Movement Strategy Center, Young People For, and other movement organizations.

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